El Negocio es Como Un Juego

About us

About Virtonomics

Virtonomics is a sophisticated platform, built for advanced economic and business simulations. It's being constantly updated and improved for over 10 years. What started as a compelling business game, evolved into the most successful real world economic simulator.

Developed to be scalable, Virtonomics has attracted over 1 million of unique users from all over the world. Player’s success in Virtonomics depends on the knowledge of micro and macroeconomics. This is why, the unique user-base consists of business savvy people that are keen to help each other.

Here are few of their testimonials:

AEROzot “I was so accustomed to all the games that are targeted at 8 year olds that I’ve managed to forget what real challenge means. It took some time - but now, I’m totally addicted to Virtonomics.”

pazaz “I enjoy the gameplay and the benefits which i get out of it. I gradually became a better manager at my job and realized that Virtonomics is probably the most useful game that I’ve played. You can apply your in-game knowledge to real life. And it works!”

Ozymandias “OK - so definitely this game is not for everyone. And that’s the best part about it. The distinctive community that consists mostly out of intellectuals:  successful business owners, lecturers, students and overall smart and interesting people. Best online community so far. “